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New Watercolor paint textures Photoshop brushes

New free brush set is now available for download: Watercolor paint textures Photoshop Brushes.

This Photoshop brush set is made from my own painted watercolor experiments. There are a total of 34 brushes in this set, including random splatters, circles, squares, borders etc. You can get really nice effects by overlaying them, and they'll also work nicely in combination with my paint strokes brushes set.

I wish you all the best for the holidays, and I hope you'll be pleased with this new gift!

New Photoshop brush set added!

I added a new Photoshop brush set today, called Ink doodles and ornaments. It's a set made out of scans of my sketchbook doodles that I made with a brush pen. I actually created this months ago, but I forgot to upload it until now. I hope you'll enjoy it!

By the way, if you're wondering what other treasures hide in my sketchbooks, feel free to check out my sketchblog.


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