What I've been doing while neglecting In obscuro

I feel like a parrot keeping on saying I couldn't work on this or that because I was busy without actually saying what I'm doing. Well, here are some of the things.

First of all, I was studying, and not very successfully. But that's a different story.

I've participated in organization of a local SF & fantasy convention Rikon, and also designed the site, complete with the dragons illustration which may be seen on my sketchblog. The site is running on Textpattern, and while I like it in general, it has a pretty crappy image gallery so I'm working on implementing Coppermine.
The con itself went pretty well, except that my Fuji FinePix s9600 got stolen. I don't suspect any of the geeks did it, but someone who happened to be in the neighborhood. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it, instead of whining and starting collecting money for a new one.

Elections are coming up soon in Croatia, so I've been hired to design a couple of politician's blogs (not by the political parties themselves, but the blogging service who invited them to write). Extra short deadline, and 8 designs altogether. I hope I won't be doing these clean-and-simple designs for a while because I'm drained of clean-and-simple ideas. You can view them all in my web design portfolio.

I was working on some more designs and concepts, but they're still in progress.
I'm forgetting something, but never mind.

I'll be participating in a group Halloween show, I'll post more details when it's official ;)

Thank you for your continuing visits and comments, your patience will we rewarded soon :)

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