Back.. sort of

So, it's been a while... The main reason behind my long absence is not (as some would think) my life has been "too busy" for updating, but I had nothing to update the site with. I didn't create a single finished artwork in the past long months, and since art is my main content... you get the point.

You may have noticed a new addition: Crafts. It's been up for months, but I haven't announced it because Croatian version didn't work at the time and I simply forgot all about it until today. It contains some of my hand made stuff from the past few years, although that's not nearly everything... but sometimes I give stuff away before I manage to take proper photos.

My main web site may have been dead, but I (pretty much) regularly update my sketchblog with sketches, studies, unfinished or rejected projects etc. Currently there's a lot of stuff from my drawing class posted there.

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Scrolled all the way down here? Why don't you check out my re-designed illustration portfolio and see one of my most famous digital fantasy paintings Phoenix art that had been tattooed (and sadly, ripped off) by various people all over the world!

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