Free textures

All images are sized 1024x768 px and are made of my own photos, drawings, brushes and patterns. Watermark is here so you don't forget where you got the texture from, but if you link back you're free to remove it.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

  • Red, blue and violet watercolor free texture
  • Blue violet fabric and crumpled paper abstract collage free texture
  • Blue abstract scratches free texture
  • Abstract organic crack and fibers free texture
  • Green fibers free texture
  • Brown grungy paper free texture
  • Lace pattern free texture
  • Dark green lace pattern free texture
  • Blue floral pattern free texture
  • Beige floral pattern free texture
  • Black silk flowers free texture
  • Blue silk flowers free texture
  • Black silk flowers free texture
  • Wax free texture
  • Green painted fabric free texture
  • Pink painted silk free texture
  • Pink painted silk free texture
  • Crumpled paper free texture
  • Blue waves abstract free texture
  • Green abstract free texture
  • Brown grunge paper free texture
  • Blue abstract tech free texture
  • Beige pink paper texture free texture
  • Orange abstract rocks free texture
  • Blue abstract free texture
  • Green abstract rock free texture

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Premium textures for print

The following texture sets are large and available for commercial use through my GraphicRiver portfolio and cost only a few dollars. Check them out!

  • 6 Colorful Watercolor Textures
  • Old Books Texture Set
  • Blue paint on canvas
  • Violet abstract texture set
  • Organic greasy texture

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