I hope you will find these tutorials helpful. Please note, the methods I described are the way I do it — I don't claim it's the easiest, most efficient or most correct way.

  • Installing premade templates - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Installing premade templates

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Easy

    Premades are not for people who can't use basic HTML. I can give you a few shortcuts that will help you just enough to set up your web site — this tutorial is for the lazy ones. Read more...

  • Common layout codes - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Common layout codes

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Moderate

    If you're just starting out, you might wonder how to make div or table layouts. Here are some basic codes for you to test and play with. Read more...

  • Coding a tableless (CSS) two-column layout - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Coding a tableless (CSS) two-column layout

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Advanced

    This tutorial explains how to code a standard fixed-width two-column layout using CSS floating. Read more...

  • Image rollover menu - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Image rollover menu

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Moderate

    pure CSS image rollover with preloaded images - no JavaScript needed! Read more...

  • Basic HTML codes (part 2) - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Basic HTML codes (part 2)

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Easy

    The sequel of Basic HTML codes - learn about paragraphs and headings, divs, spans, tables, lists and iframes. Read more...

  • Simple rollover menu - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Simple rollover menu

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Moderate

    This tutorial teaches the best method to arrange your navigation, and make it look cool as well :) Read more...

  • Common misuse of HTML elements - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Common misuse of HTML elements

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Moderate

    Have you ever thought about the exact purpose of a tag or attribute you are using? We all take some things for granted, but shouldn't. Read more...

  • HTML entities - HTML/CSS tutorial

    HTML entities

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Easy

    Here is my choice of 97 characters you can't get easily because they aren't on your keyboard. Read more...

  • Classes and ID's in HTML and CSS - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Classes and ID's in HTML and CSS

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Moderate

    This tutorial teaches how to use classes and id's in formatting more tags of the same type differently. Read more...

  • Useful CSS tricks - HTML/CSS tutorial

    Useful CSS tricks

    Category: HTML/CSS • Level: Easy

    These are some common CSS codes that will make your website look exactly as you want it. Read more...

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