I hope you will find these tutorials helpful. Please note, the methods I described are the way I do it — I don't claim it's the easiest, most efficient or most correct way.

  • Adding a favicon to webpage - Miscellaneus tutorial

    Adding a favicon to webpage

    Category: Miscellaneus • Level: Easy

    Here's a short guide how to add a tiny icon next to your URL in the address bar and the bookmarks. Read more...

  • Printing directory list to a file - Miscellaneus tutorial

    Printing directory list to a file

    Category: Miscellaneus • Level: Easy

    Sometimes you might wish to share your file list with other people. Instead of typing the list yourself, use good old MS-DOS prompt to do it for you. Read more...

  • Uploading files using FTP - Miscellaneus tutorial

    Uploading files using FTP

    Category: Miscellaneus • Level: Easy

    Maybe you've been using page builders or control panels, but eventually you will want to make file uploading easier and faster. If your host provides FTP access, you should learn how to use it. Read more...

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