Commercial user licence agreement for In obscuro products

  1. By your use of the products provided by the author Nela Dunato, in further text: In obscuro, you are legally agreeing to terms and conditions contained in this agreement, which shall be binding on you or any person, individual, or entity using the In obscuro products commercially on your behalf. In obscuro reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without notice.
  2. In adittion to the terms and conditions specified in this agreement, you also agree to be bound by any rules or guidelines provided by In obscuro, wheather contained on the In obscuro website, or provided to you by some other medium.
  3. You agree to pay the fixed fee for use of these products.
  4. In obscuro hereby grants you a commercial licence of its products which is non-transferable, nonassignable and non-exclusive. This license is not assignable or delegable. You shall not have the right to grant a lien or security interest of any kind in this license to any individual or entity. This license and any other rights conferred by this agreement on you shall not be subject to any judgment, execution, garnishment, claim or demand of any kind on the part of customers or others demanding a claim or interest in said license through you or on your behalf. This license and the rights provided by this agreement are strictly personal. You shall not have the right to download or use any of the products provided by In obscuro commercially other than what is specifically authorized by In obscuro.
  5. You shall not have the right to copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute or modify in any way any products, or work product provided for, by or on behalf of In obscuro. You shall not have the right to share, or allow any other individual, or companies to use these products commercially on your behalf. You further agree that you have not the rights of ownership of any kind to these products that In obscuro provided and created. This agreement only covers the 'licence to use' these products for commercial purposes in your services. You agree that you will not, either individually or as a designer, artist, agent or employee of any entity, permit or allow any products, textures, brushes or information provided by In obscuro to be transmitted, sold, exchanged, delivered, traded, bartered or otherwise transferred to any third party for any purpose except the extent that is necessary for you to provide on your own services.
  6. In obscuro reserves the right to modify, suspend, amend or terminate its services at any time without notice. You agree that in the event In obscuro modifies, amends, suspends or terminates its services, In obscuro shall have no liability or responsibility to you. Your right to use these products and to obtain the services provided by In obscuro is limited by the terms of this agreement and is subject to In obscuro's approval or disapproval.

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