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Plenty of good news

April is a very exciting month! Things started going very well for my art, and now I'll share it all with you. This post contains a lot of links, most of them are in Croatian.

First and the best news, I've been awarded the Best illustration award in 2006 by SFera, Croatian science fiction society. The awarded illustration is You can't own me, featured in the electronic magazine NOSF #24. This award means a great deal to me because it's the most prestigious award in Croatia for the SF, fantasy and horror genre awarded annualy since 1981.
I will receive this award at the upcoming convention, which leads me to my other news...

This weekend, from April 20th to April 22nd 2007 I will be participating in SFeraKon, the largest and longest running science fiction convention in Croatia, with a small exhibition. I also made an illustration for the SFeraKon short story collection (you may see it here, and the work in progress on my sketchblog), which is used on the event poster as well.

I won the 2nd place at the contest for the best SF/fantasy digital photography (which also includes photo-manipulation), awarded by organizers of Konfuzija 2007, Slovenian science fiction convention. I'm still unsure if I will attend it personally because of transportation issues, but I'd like to.

On April the 15th In obscuro celebrated its second birthday! I hope there will be many more.

That's about it for today, but I'm currently in my productive phase, so expect new work soon.

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